Contradicting the Lord

Peter was only human. Admitting Jesus as the Christ must have taken courage.

But not long after that confession, there was poor Peter telling the son of God he didn’t know what he was talking about.

Jesus was discussing his approaching suffering and death. Then, Peter contradicted God the son by saying, “Far be it from you, Lord! This shall never happen to you!” (Matthew 16:22 ESV).

That wasn’t the only time he contradicted the Lord. Sometime after Pentecost, Peter went upon a roof to pray. He was hungry and wanted to eat when he had a vision. Several creatures known to the Jews as unclean and unfit for food were displayed to Peter. The Lord’s voice told Peter to kill and eat.

That’s when Peter said, “Certainly not, Lord, for I have never eaten anything defiled and ritually unclean!” (Acts 10:14 NET).

Don’t you think Peter wanted to take those words back? Acting on impulse can be so troubling afterward.

Yet, there are many people who have done worse. When the Lord commands them in his word not to do something, they’ll dispute him and do what they want anyway.

Give Peter some credit. He didn’t want anything bad to happen to Jesus in Matthew chapter 16, and in Acts 10:14, he didn’t want to do something wrong. Still, Peter contradicted the Lord and he shouldn’t have.

Have you contradicted the Lord in your life or in your religion? Is it possible you have and just didn’t think? Each of us must learn what the Lord wants us to do to be saved from sin and we must also learn how the Lord wants us to live in him.

Don’t just accept the word of someone else. Study God’s word and find out. Now, obey God today!

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