What did you go to see?

John the Immerser was imprisoned by Herod Antipas about 70 miles from where Jesus was preaching.

John sent some of his disciples to ask Jesus if he was the coming one or not. No one is sure why John did this, but it is understandable since he was about to lose his head for telling the king the truth about his marriage to his brother’s wife.

After answering John’s disciples, Jesus turned to the other people and asked them a question. When they went out to the wilderness, what did they go to see (Luke 7:24-26)?

Did they see a reed shaken by the wind? There are those whose faith is shaken with every problem of life (Luke 8:13-14). John was not shaken by his trial. He was just as devoted to the truth in prison as he was out. Some are not. Some allow themselves to forget what they believed and who they’re supposed to obey.

Did they see a man in soft clothing? Not John (Matthew 3:4). John went to prison for telling Herod the truth (Mark 6:17-18). God’s preacher must have as much courage as John.

Did they see a prophet? Yes, Jesus said, and even more. He was God’s messenger! Through John’s preaching many people turned to Jesus when they heard and obeyed the gospel. We should look forward to hearing from those in eternity.

When you go to church, what did you come to see? Did you want to see perfect people? If so, you’re going to be disappointed. Paul said no one is perfect (Romans 3:10). Do you come to see a perfect man presenting the perfect sermon? In that case you should be aware preachers are human beings, too.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see someone who needs forgiveness of sin and the hope of heaven? Hopefully you will.

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