Make a truly great decision

It is easy to think this life is what is important. We may be tempted to think this life is all there is. It isn’t.

Many are swept up in politics, world events, trouble, flood, famine, and war. The newspapers are full of the negative things that happen every day. After a while, we may become convinced those things are more important. They aren’t.

Jesus had his problems with the self-important Pharisees. They wanted to kill him because of his teachings and his growing popularity. Jesus said the game the Pharisees were playing was not important at all (Luke 12:1-5).

Yes, there are those who can kill the body, but that is the extent of their power. There is one who can commit body and soul to an eternal hell. That one deserves your respect, your obedience and he is most important.

Here’s a shocker: everything on this old world is temporary. The world and everything in it will be burned up (2 Peter 3:10). All the things people chase here will be turned to nothing.

There is something more important. Christ, his will and our salvation are the important things. What we have done in this life will not amount to anything if we don’t believe in Jesus, obey his will in the gospel and commit our lives to him.

A person can spend his entire life attaining all the wealth of the world, but if he loses his immortal soul he will have lost everything (Luke 9:25).

Now is the time to make a truly great decision to obey the gospel and live a life of sacrificial service to the Lord. Such a decision is eternally important.

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  1. This is such a good article. So many things we think will last forever, including the wrong people in whom we sometimes invest way too much of our time and lives. The older I get, the more I realize that if I am not investing in God’s kingdom, then I am just getting old.

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