He knew it all along

Shall I not drink the cup that the Father has given me?” (John 18:11)

We often consider the unfair treatment Jesus suffered. He was mocked, beaten, ridiculed, spat upon, struck, blindfolded, stripped, beaten, humiliated (Isaiah 53:1-12; Acts 8:32; 1 Peter 2:19-23). All this, before he was nailed to a cross and hung up to die.

He who created man and placed him in a Garden of paradise and showered him with blessings, found himself in a Garden of sorrow, showered with bloody sweat.

He who commanded the light to shine, was made to suffer in the darkness.

He who created the angelic host, called not one of them to his side.

In contemplating this, I wrote a few lines that remind us that Jesus not only suffered the physical torture of the cross, but also fashioned the very elements used against him:

Who designed the flesh in which our Savior died?
What smith created iron for His hands and feet and side?
Who planted the Garden watered with His bloody sweat?
What mason cut Golgotha’s brow, in which His cross was set?
Whose arbor honed the tree that bore His body high? 
What weaver spun the sun’s gold threads, that recoiled from the sky?

Our Lord not only knew, but created the very things that comprised his suffering

It is a love so much beyond our own.

How much there is to contemplate in the death of our Lord!

May we learn to love him as he loves us!

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