The church that pleases God

The young couple came to the truth because, as he said, they quit looking for a church that would please them both—since they were from different branches of Christendom—to search for a church that pleased God.

A coworker had told him to look for a church that “met in the name of Jesus.”

Before that, he’d begun reading his Bible. He noticed the differences between what Scripture said and what his church taught. When he asked a religious authority in his church about such differences, the answer was not convincing.

After much searching on the internet, he found one of our old websites. Following through on the links, he called our house phone and we began an exchange of emails.

The couple began to attend our meetings and were made to feel at home in our house congregation. They have brought friends and family. My wife and I began personal studies in their home. After six weeks of studies, I baptized the two of them in our neighbor’s swimming pool, last Friday.

Last night, Sunday evening, he read a passage of Scripture in our meeting.

Yesterday morning, June 11, I preached and taught in a congregation in the greater São Paulo metro region, about biblical authority and singing in worship. Afterwards, a man and his wife came up to talk to me. He had been a pastor in a Pentecostal denomination.

He said his church had financial goals they had to meet. Everything seemed to revolve around money. The final straw came for him when the denomination’s head declared a communion service “of sacrifice,” meaning people had to pay money to participate.

He stepped down as a pastor, and they left that group.

They live one street down from the local congregation’s building. One day the wife just happened to go down the street above them and saw a sign offering Bible studies. They now meet with the church, their 12-year-old son was baptized in April and he served the Lord’s supper yesterday.

The brother in Christ with whom I had lunch mentioned that what managed to bring in the husband, who had become wary of any group, was the congregation’s warmth and love.

These two examples show that, in the midst of religious confusion, people are searching for the truth. And they are searching for true fellowship.

The body of Christ has both.

Let us show our true colors. Truth wrapped in love. The concrete expression of an eternal and powerful God in search of his wayward creatures.

In the church of God he offers us certainty and security, acceptance and forgiveness, foundation and power to rise the greatest heights of all, at the side of the reigning Sovereign.

The world must know the precious gifts that God has given us. They will know when we go.

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  1. It’s so awesome to hear this news. I probably shouldn’t say this, but churches here in the U. S., from my experience, do not seem to be so simple.

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