In the April 2017 edition of Reader’s Digest, former Major League Baseball manager Rich Donnelly wrote, “Baseball is similar to life. You start out at home and get a little older (first base). Then, in adulthood, you’re the furthest from home you’ve ever been (second base). You get older and wiser (third base) and see home plate. Then, you realize that where you want to be is where you already were.”

As Jesus stood before the threshold of death on the cross, he told his disciples they could not go with him (John 13:36). Ever the brash one, Peter took exception. He told the Master that he would follow him anywhere and even give his own life for the Lord. Jesus knew what he said had caused his disciples to become apprehensive.

To quiet their concerns, he told them about his father’s house. He talked about home and how he was going to prepare a place for them.

If we can’t go home again then why do we constantly try? It’s because we “realize that where you want to be is where you already were.” Our problem is that we humans don’t always realize where home is.

Home is with our father in heaven — it isn’t here on earth. We are born with two legs and we use them too frequently thinking that we’re going to get someplace else when we never really change locations that much. Going home means going back to God. That’s where home truly is.

In order to go home to our heavenly father, we must be willing to do everything he wants us to do. You can’t go anywhere without following directions. How can people think they can get to heaven if they won’t follow God’s directions?

The directions are simple. Obey the gospel and live for Jesus (Acts 2:37-41). Then, you will be able to get to the place you always wanted to go — home.

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  1. Brother John,

    Some good thoughts to think about! Your statement here says it all: “Going home means going back to God.”

    It’s what our whole nation needs to do.


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