After 12 years of continuous writing, Richard Mansel leaves Forthright

February 21, 2017, will mark twelve years of consecutive articles on Forthright Magazine for columnist Richard Mansel, without missing a single week. Because of personal reasons, Richard says it’s time to leave. For several years during this period Richard also provided good leadership as Managing Editor.

Shortly after he came aboard, Richard fast became a good friend and someone to bounce ideas off of. We did not know each other personally, but he quickly gained our trust.

Richard first wrote a column called “Square One,” designed to teach those who are unfamiliar with Christianity and to lay down the fundamentals of the faith. In 2009 he began a new column, “Living the Faith,” to address important topics of the day and active Christian living.

In January, 2009, Forthright Press published a collection of 26 of Richard’s articles in the book, The Most Important Question. It deserves wide circulation among non-Christians and careful study in groups and classes of the basic doctrines of salvation.

Richard’s writing will continue to be archived on the website for future reference.

Forthright and its readers have been blessed by Richard’s contributions. He has a keen concern for good writing and has exerted himself, even when health and circumstances proved a great trial, to provide timely, incisive articles.

Richard has promised to contribute articles on occasion, so we will not be totally deprived of his presence. He hinted he might also post at times over onĀ The Fellowship Room.

Richard will be pursuing some writing projects of his own. In those we pray great success for him. And we are grateful to God for his consistent quality work over the past 12 years with Forthright.

We’re in a search for new talent to fill Richard’s slot on Tuesday. Or we’ll rearrange our present slate of writers. What we’ll never be able to do, as good as the new writers may be, is replace him.

10 Replies to “After 12 years of continuous writing, Richard Mansel leaves Forthright”

  1. Richard, I am saddened by your leaving Forthright full time for other pursuits, but such is a part of life and the passing of time. You are an extremely prolific and well-organized writer, and I will miss your good spiritual insight and content found in your articles. God bless you in whatever endeavors you pursue in the future.


  2. So sorry to read this. I have enjoyed each post and been encouraged in my Christian walk so often. “The Lord bless and keep you.” Number 6:24 May you blessed and enjoy each day.

  3. He will be missed and has become a member of our family. May God bless and keep him.

  4. Richard, before we got the email notice today, I was writing a reply to Randal on an unrelated subject, stating how I often felt insufficient but grateful, writing next to the other authors here. I had even written that I thought your empathetic posts on subjects like disabilities, relationships and mental health were some of the best I’d read, and that they should be compiled and published. I didn’t finish the email right away, and in came the news of your decision. May God bless the next leg of your journey for Him. It’s been an honor to occupy the same virtual space.

    1. Rick, that means so much to me. I try to do just that. To stand for those who are neglected and hurting. It’s really important for me. I never plan to forget that focus. Encouragement from brethren like you means so much! There is much work to be done and you and I need to keep going, as best we can.

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