The burden of selfishness

People carry some very heavy burdens in this life. There are burdens they would like to drop, but sometimes they just do not know how.

The rich ruler of Luke chapter 18 had the heavy burden of his possessions. The Lord Jesus knew the weight this man was carrying. He tried to help him get rid of it, but the young man left with his burden intact. It must have been sorrowful, indeed, to watch this man leave eternal life behind to carry a burden that might result in him losing his soul.

The Jews carried the heavy burden of envy and jealousy when they handed over the Lord Jesus to be crucified by the Romans (Matthew 27:18). They told Pilate they had no king but Caesar (John 19:15). What they meant was that they had no king at all. They rejected their king and sent him to die on the cross.

Simon of Acts chapter eight wanted to buy the power of the Holy Spirit with money. His burden was his desire. At least Simon repented of his sin.

What did all of these have in common? The common thread is selfishness. The burden of selfishness is one that will keep many people from being saved because in order to be a disciple one must deny self and follow him (Luke 9:23).

The only way we can find our way to heaven for eternity is if we put down the burden of selfishness. Instead of allowing selfishness to consume and condemn me, I must get rid of my preoccupation with self. It isn’t enough just to believe in Christ, although that is necessary. We must be willing to become his disciples.

3 Replies to “The burden of selfishness”

  1. Bro. John, You’ve written some great words of wisdom from the Book regarding selfishness! James provides us with the solution to selfishness in James 4:6-10. Our willing submission to God and the humility factor, will take care of any selfish attitude we might have.

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