The good death

There’s nothing worse than being alone. Spiritually, being alone means barrenness.

When Jesus spoke about his death, about himself, what he said also applies to his followers.

I tell you the solemn truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains by itself alone. But if it dies, it produces much grain.
John 12.24

To germinate, the seed must die. To produce more, the kernel must be undone, must cease to exist, so to speak.

Spiritually, to live and produce fruit, we must die, like the seed. Like Jesus did.

This is the good death of life.

But the kernel of wheat does not die when:

  • you believe you have the right to evaluate and approve, or not, the Lord’s commandments;
  • you still give yourself over to the passions of the world;
  • you grant yourself an exemption from fulfilling the great commission;
  • you insist upon your own ideas about how the faith and the body of Christ ought to function;
  • you refuse to love God and your neighbor in order to feed the self;
  • you act from pride and reject the humility necessary for submission to the will of God.

The fruit that will be produced upon dying:

  • your own salvation;
  • the character and virtues of Christ in your life;
  • the salvation of others by your example and teaching, “a plentiful harvest of new lives” NLT.

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