Let’s abandon the fake war between Bibles and cell phones

Popularity doesn’t concern itself with reason or practicality. We just join the crowd without asking the right questions.

For example, Christians have built a fake war between Bibles and cell phones. They say, “What if you spend as much time with your Bible as you do with your cell phone?”

Church signs, memes and social media posts perpetuate this war without due consideration for logic.

First, any argument that appears to be anti-technology is doomed in today’s world. We must be using these inventions instead of shunning them and sounding archaic.

The Great Commission allows it as we strive to reach lost souls (Matthew 28:18-20).

Second, any action resulting from shaming is temporary unless the person acts independently based on internal motivation.

Third, while there are some similarities, cell phones and Bibles are two very different things. And they can even cooperate to glorify Christ.

Phones can make and receive calls, texts, instant messages, warnings and a host of other capabilities such as the internet, books and maps. In times of danger or emergencies, they’re indispensable.

A cell phone that fits in the palm of our hands or our pockets accomplishes marvels that previous humanity could never have conceived.

The Bible is the greatest book in the world and it’s a lifeline to God and heaven (Romans 10:17). Bible study is the most important activity in the world but it can be done through a myriad of mediums (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

What if instead of creating a phony war, we helped people learn how to use cell phones for the advancement of their Christian lives?

A preacher stands and chastises an audience for not having their Bibles. He mocks them and says that he expects that they all have their cell phones! Yet, half the people there are likely reading their Bibles on their phones.

We can put Bibles, religious books and notes on our phones and when we’re studying with someone, and they have a question they see in the Scriptures on their device, we can call someone for an answer or to come perform a baptism.

Instead, we ridicule the use of phones as being anti-God. Christians, we need to be using our brains rather than closing them down.

2 Replies to “Let’s abandon the fake war between Bibles and cell phones”

  1. Thoughtful article…
    Another aspect often overlooked in the advent of technology is the responsibility to use it wisely.
    A bible that sits unused on a shelf is just as dirty and disgusting as an electronic device engaged in lecherous and mind numbing activity.
    And, of course, the reverse is true.
    A bible with warn and frayed pages from multiple uses is just as uplifting and glorifying as an electronic device that shares the gospel message again and again.
    We need to encourage the use of BOTH for the glory of God!
    …just sayin’

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