Cheer up

Flowers for happy or sad occasions is a time-honored tradition in our culture, whatever our thoughts may be about the practicality of it. When I shed this earthly tabernacle to be clothed with immortality, I won’t be interested in flowers. From February through October, there are enough blooms outdoors to bring cheer inside. I can’t say I am florifically-deprived even in the off-season, with my computer screen saver flashing photos of past splendor across the screen.

Not everyone is so well situated for feeding the psyche with the mind-healing fragrance and beauty tat flowers bring. For those people, I keep a fairly large collection of thrift-store vases handy.

I cannot count how many little bouquets of roses or zinnias have been given to friends over the years, although these days many of those “bouquets” are in the form of photos sent electronically.

There are many ways to cheer up the downfallen, but none more important than a godly example.

“May those who fear you see me and be glad, because I wait for your word” (Psalm 110:74, NASB).

Turning on the nightly news is depressing; but our hearts are cheered when we hear good news or a story about encouragement, love, and hope.

Why shouldn’t we do as the Psalmist did, by making others glad by our example in our love for God’s word?

Sure, it’s a lot easier to pick a spray of flowers for someone. Make someone glad today!

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