Can George be saved?

George never did anything wrong, that you’d notice. He wasn’t one to commit grave errors. He never spoke ill of another. He never cheated anyone, especially not his wife. He never killed anyone, nor harmed anyone bodily. George wasn’t a violent man. He never mistreated or failed to provide for his family.

George seldom missed a church service. He’d come spruced up, more than his usual attire. He could be counted on to occupy his favorite spot on the pew Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. He could be seen contributing in the plate. He couldn’t be heard much to sing, but his mouth usually moved during the song service. Sometimes he might nod during a sermon, but not always. He wasn’t one to lead in worship.

George never taught anyone the gospel. He was the quiet type. As far as anyone knew, he never brought anyone to church, nor did he make an invitation. No one saw any special effort from him to support the work of the congregation. He wasn’t one to speak up in Bible class. It took special effort for him to read Scripture. He wasn’t an elder or deacon or preacher or Bible class teacher.

George was there, that could be said for him. George was a good old guy. He’d loan you a wrench or a power tool. Some years, he’d even make it some nights for a gospel meeting. He had good intentions.

In the judgment day, in his present condition, can George be saved?

4 Replies to “Can George be saved?”

  1. Good doesn’t get u to heaven u have to do GODS will and be baptized and come in contact with christ blood

  2. This message upset me a great deal!! It seems to smack of judgement on your part! It seems to me that George is doing what he can do! Maybe he isn’t able to do more! Maybe he is a new Christian that needs encouragement to grow. It is not your place or mine to say whether George can be saved. I will leave that to God who is able to see his heart!

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