The golden rule turns a bad experience into a good one

For Sunday lunch, I went to a pizza buffet with some friends and we walked into a mess.

Shortly after we arrived, practically every seat in the place was filled and the buffet was empty. There weren’t any plates, just salad bowls.

People streamed in and the food kept disappearing. More would be brought and it would vanish as the crowd around the buffet grabbed it and scurried back to their table.

The typical human experience is to yell and complain that they will never go back to that place again!! However, proper, sober thinking sees something different.

While never in restaurants, I spent the first half of my life in or around retail. My parents were both in the business and they taught us well. I’ve seen first hand the kinds of things that can happen.

As a Christian, we’re taught to see the world differently. We’re to be transformed by the gospel so that we learn to develop a new way of thinking and living (Romans 12:1-2). Jesus taught us to treat others as we wish to be treated (Matthew 7:12).

In retail, being outnumbered is a sad reality.

At the restaurant, only three women showed up for work. The rest didn’t care or they were sick. However, three women had to feed dozens of people at once for more than two hours. Imagine doing that in our own homes.

When the crowd finally began to dwindle, the women were undoubtedly exhausted. Customers with a kind heart had piled up dirty dishes at the front for the beleaguered ladies.

I told them I was impressed with their work.

They accomplished something they’ll remember for a long time. Yet, their job was far from over. Practically everything in the place was dirty. Dishes, pots and cutlery were stacked on every surface.

Praise and empathy go much further than anger and cursing. Hopefully, management can find better people to work alongside these courageous women so they can do their best without a superhuman effort.

Kindness is much preferred over condemnation. How would we have wanted the crowd to see us that day if we had been one of those ladies?

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