Unused and neglected

There is a reason why the patio chairs are not being used much in June. It has been oppressively hot, and dining outside isn’t nearly as pleasant as it was in April and May.

However, it wasn’t until I saw the morning glory vine reaching all the way up to the top of the bistro chair that I realized how long it had been since we sat there for a morning coffee!

It’s not just the lack of use of that little table and two chairs that bothered me. It is just a symptom of a life that gets filled with chores and cares, and which doesn’t have room for a little quiet time as a couple.

Without the telltale twisting vine, I might have imagined that we used it just a day or two ago. Well, it seems that way, anyway.

Obviously I couldn’t make that case in my mind with the green growth twining up the leg and over the back of the chair. The leaves were pristine, not crunched up and folded from being sat upon.

Why would we want to have a pretty garden if all we had time for was to work in it? The disused chair seemed to scowl disapprovingly at me with its downward curves.

Oh, I’ll take care of the vine and the other weeds on the patio in the morning. Or maybe not. But one thing is certain, I’ll make more of an effort to sit and have some coffee with my dear husband or a friend sometime soon!

What if morning glories grew around disused and neglected Bibles? Would ours look like a scene from Jumanji, or would they be clear of an overgrowth of vegetation?

I might imagine that I only opened my Bible a day or two ago. That might be right. But there are no jumble of vines to mock me and tell me that it has been longer!

What sweet communion with God we miss by neglecting our Bibles in such a manner. We need that even more than our coffee or tea with friends or family.

While I resolve to open my patio to more visits, I’ll also resolve to open my Bible, too.

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