Interesting contrasts between Abraham and Lot

While the Bible is a lengthy book, God was spare in the details and provided only what we needed to know because everything had a purpose.

So often we find themes that run throughout Scripture and they provide pause for deeper contemplation. Light and darkness are common themes and we find them in the story of Abraham, Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah. 

The Lord and two angels came to Abraham by daylight as he sat in the door of his tent. Abraham treated them with great hospitality (Genesis 18:2-8) and they readily accepted his offer.

The angels came to Sodom by evening and Lot was sitting by the city gates instead of at home (Genesis 19:1-3). These men were passing by, Lot gained their attention and had to beg them to come to his home. Lot then suggested that they leave as soon as it was light.

The men of the city later come to Lot’s door and demanded that the strangers satisfy the sexual lusts of the mob.

The angels came to Abraham by light to announce the birth of a child that would change the world while they went at night to announce the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sometimes darkness is required such as when Judas betrayed Jesus (John 13:30) and the Savior was crucified (Luke 23:44-45).

Abraham led those around him to a better life while Lot took his family to one of the worst places on earth. Abraham’s heirs thrived (Genesis 12:1-3) while Lot’s descendants became enemies of the Lord’s people (Genesis 19:36-38).

The contrast here is illustrative of the importance of our spiritual example before the world and especially our family. Let’s study and learn.

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