Monday editorial flitter

Great day yesterday with the saints in Taubaté and Urbanova (SJCampos). Here’s the skeleton outline of the message I shared in both places, on the death of Christ as the creator of unity.

¶ If a writer should wait until he’s in a good mood to write and has only positive things to say, Jeremiah would never had said a word to Baruch. Of course, it helped that he was inspired.

¶ “For who scorns the day of small things?” Zech 4.10a HCSB. May God burn this into our foreheads, mine especially. Not a good idea, such scorning, when God is in it.

¶ The most frequent word a saint will hear from the world of sinners as he proclaims the gospel is “no.” And the world thinks he’s negative.

¶ So many refusals! Find the needle in the haystack. Somewhere there will be a yes.

¶ Do what others are unwilling to do. Resist the demand to shrink to the height of the crowd. Stand with Jesus. He will see you through and beyond.

¶ Somebody said couples should have good fights. No fights resolves nothing. Good fights attack and resolve the problem, rather the destroying one another. Churches should, too.

¶ Simple is seldom easy. Writing, living, marriage, you name it. We complicate, accumulate, obfuscate, in order to create wiggle room, to find excuses, to flee the greater responsibility. That tangled web we weave.

¶ If truth were really relative, my dollars would buy more, my car would get better gas mileage, and my bills would be insignificant. Reality is a great fixer of relativistic philosophy.

¶ If the only realm in human existence not subject to entropy is the spiritual, why are not more people interested in it? The evil one must be at work somewhere.

¶ The problem with conspiracy theories is that they might be right. Then again, humans aren’t as well coordinated and disciplined as are the forces under the command of the father of lies.

¶ The book of Acts is rightly touted as the model for conversions, church growth, and doctrine. Does Acts 8.4 apply? Apparently not.

¶ So you’re sitting down at the kitchen table with a non-Christian, the open Bible in front of you. Where do you start? How do you get from point A (accountability) to point B (baptism)?

¶ It’s a scary thought that Israelites perished in the desert for grumbling.

¶ The world is never a safe place, never peaceful, never benign. Jesus said, “I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In the world you have trouble and suffering, but take courage—I have conquered the world” Jn 16.33. Yes, this is a word of comfort.

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