Sundries: Never in charge

Man is never in charge of his life, and at that moment when he begins to assert control, he pushes God out. The desire to control is the essence of rebellion.

Jesus died to sanctify the church. Sanctification lies at the heart of the gospel. Without holiness (sanctity) no one shall see the Lord. God is holy and no one who is not shall enter his presence. God’s will therefore is to make us holy and for us to be holy and to offer to others the means to holiness.

Ignorance is not so much not knowing as not paying attention. Man ignores God, chooses not to know him, decides to leave his Word unread and unheeded. The ignorant man commits a damning sin, in need of the light of the gospel in order to save.

Grass may appear to be greener on the other side of the fence, but the other fellow’s sin is always worse than mine.

Humility has never been a popular virtue, for who does not enjoy tooting one’s own horn? Humility is the soul drained of self and filled with the magnificence of God.

Jesus picked his battles and sometimes started them, but he always fought upon the upper ground, his position carefully chosen and his sights with proper aim.

Different talents need to be deployed at different times. Wisdom is knowing which talents to withdraw and which to engage at the right time.

The one-talent man was a character in a parable. Is it possible that, with our God who causes blessings to overflow and generously equips his people for service, such a man exists? If he does, he is one in a million and not likely to be you or me.

Politics, for the great majority, it seems, is the art of disingenuous speech, short memory, and a public face that hides selfish motives. Its practice is not restricted to a nation’s government.

Verbosity says more than necessary. Since we now live in a visual world that disparages the value of speech, why have words multiplied? Perhaps that is why.

Dry humor, as opposed to what?

The people person, that gregarious extrovert who lives for social exchange, might want to see Bible reading and prayer as the most intimate, intense, and interesting communion of souls ever granted to mortal man.

God often moves a man upward toward his glory by throwing him down in the valley of the shadow of death.

Whatever the value of curiosity, it loses all merit when turned toward sin. Satan hooks the curious soul through the wonder of experience only to destroy him through the chains of addiction.

By the time a man reaches the age of wisdom, no one is left to share it with.

The best form of self-inflicted pain is biting the tongue.

Tree-huggers refer to printed books as dead-tree versions, as if now that we can have an electronic version, we ought to forgo the highest and best gift of God to mankind. Let us be happy to kill a few trees in order to save civilization and to offer mankind salvation. (You don’t see the tree-hugger’s Hollywood celebrities writing their autobiographies and other drivel only in electronic form.)

Gone is the day of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. The abortion industry throws out (aborts) the baby before it ever makes it to its first bath.

Habits and traditions are repeated actions, both of which may be good or bad. Repetition is a key to learning, but mindless repetition in prayer is an abomination to God. The Lord approves of no repeated act without divine guidance, purposeful thought, and spiritual motive behind it.

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