Children are precious, complex and fragile

God’s Word is consistently rapturous about children. We’re commanded to be like them (Matthew 18:2-6) and their presence in our lives is a blessing (Psalm 127:3-5). They can warm the frozen heart and cause the sun to shine.

While children are wonderful and precious, they’re exceedingly complex. Their personalities are as unique as a snowflake and their minds work by their own beat. They each see the world differently and their tastes and preferences will always be diverse.

No one knows how to raise a particular child because they’re each spectacularly original. The one size fits all parenting style is a menace to society.

While those who don’t have children are the reigning experts on parenting, we all need to step back and realize how very difficult a job childrearing really is.

Their complexity mixes with the fragility of each child to create a volatile combination. They’re very malleable and impressionable and we must all remember the gravity of our influence.

Children are sponges and they absorb all the good and bad around them without the reasoning ability to filter the results.

While our faults and weaknesses are inadvertently teaching, we must be aware enough to redirect them to a higher cause (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). But not all children have such a privilege.

So many children are raised by themselves and the failures of others. The positive and uplifting eludes them and they are emotionally malnourished. Abuse comes in many forms and while physical and sexual abuse take precedence, emotional abuse is especially potent.

Working in the foster care system unveils the myriad of traumas that children endure. The horrors they face are mystifying and painful to contemplate.

Countless children are battered, beaten and bruised by uncaring, abusive people who think only of their own needs and problems.

Children are changed for life by what they endure and those of us who work to raise them can’t treat them all alike because their traumas and fears are unique. They must fight daily to rise above the cruelties of life and we help them rise upward each and every day.

Yet despite their traumas and scars, they’re still precious and wonderful creations of God (Genesis 1:26) and the resiliency of the human spirit rises above the muck and misery of their existence.

Pray for the children who suffer and for those who are blessed enough to be raised by those who take them to God for care (Proverbs 22:6). All are precious in God’s sight.

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