It has been another interesting week. It began on Monday as we watched Robi the mechanic and his two helpers put a new (rebuilt) engine in our school van, here on campus under a mango tree, with no winch or hoist – just a pipe and a rope and several strong backs. Who said there are no more shade tree mechanics?

The old engine was removed and stripped down on Saturday, a new one was ordered Sunday (yes Sunday is a business day here) from Dhaka, delivered overnight and installed and running by 3:00 p.m. Monday.

It was probably Monday that we discovered that our email accounts (both mine and Brenda’s) had been hacked and the perpetrator was trying to solicit money from the missions account. He had also tampered with our contacts and most of mine were missing.

We labored frantically to clean up the accounts, remove his access and restore the contacts. It took a couple of days but we seem to have been successful in both attempts. We are very thankful that no real harm seems to have been done, though it was not for lack of trying.

We have finished a week of classes at KBC. I have all three year classes this time for one course each. This is my first time to teach the first year students this school year.

Wednesday the administrators and I called on the Officer in Charge of the local Police Station. He had requested that he be informed when “the foreigners” arrived, so we went by to do that and also to thank him for providing officers near our campus to increase security.

One of the police officers remains at our corner during the day, and vehicles patrol regularly at night. We had a good visit with him; such visits are an important public relations tool with the various officials and groups here.

Our weather continues to be mild and very pleasant. It will not be long before the heat comes, though. We will enjoy these days while we can.

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