Everybody wants shade, but nobody wants a tree

Our city’s newspaper published a recent report about the differences in temperature from one end of the city to another, because of trees and green areas. It’s much hotter in the south zone than the downtown area or the north zone, because of the lack of greenery there.

An environmentalist was quoted as saying, “There is a great need for green areas. Unfortunately, everybody wants shade, but nobody wants a tree in front of their house.”

Trees shed leaves that have to be swept up and drop seeds or berries that stain sidewalks and cars. I’ve heard people complain about having a tree in front of their house. Some people ask the city to cut them down because they don’t want to deal with the mess.

But in this tropical country, everybody loves a shade.

People in the world want the advantages without the work. They desire privileges without responsibility. Not a few want a salary, but aren’t keen to do the work on the job.

The follower of Christ lives to serve and satisfy the needs of others, the greatest of which is spiritual — reconciliation with God through the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus.

The Christian is the sower of the future, the planter of trees, the provider of shade, not only for himself, but for others.

With the word of God in hand and with the love of Christ in his heart, the disciple shows the way to eternity.

In front of his house, a shade for all.

“Provide some shade in the middle of the day!” Isaiah 16.3b NET.

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