In bed sick, physically

Several days in bed from sickness tests anyone’s patience. However, our bodies can’t be productive when they’re broken down. We need fluids, rest and medicine to get better.

When we become sick physically we exhibit various symptoms such as pain, discomfort, headache or nausea. Faced with a decision, we decide whether to fight or to ignore the problem.

In time the illness may bring us down against our wishes and we must seek help or face death. Even in an age of medical wonder, blessings must be put to use.

Spiritual illness, though, works behind the scenes. It’s a silent killer that makes us think we’re healthy (John 8:44; 1 Peter 5:8). Satan is more adept at hiding than physical illness. We can go on for long periods not realizing we’re getting worse.

Some don’t care about their spiritual health because they don’t see it as vital. Others do find it important but they find the cure worse than the illness. They can’t tolerate the spiritual and moral subjection required to remain healthy (James 4:10; Mark 7:20-23).

Heaven lies at the end of a corridor of spiritual health so we must subsist on the living water (John 4:10-14) and the bread of life (John 6:35) so we can be in bliss for all eternity.

Spiritual health comes through study, prayer, worship and service to God. Maintain that diet, exercise, presence and persistence and good health will be ours. The Lord is the Great Physician (Luke 5:31-32) and we have a never ending appointment.

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