The lost, the saved and the good people

Some things are too scary to contemplate so we reorient our reality. We want it to be true so badly that we’ll shuffle the deck so it works in our favor regardless of the price.

For many, nothing is more horrible than admitting our loved ones are spiritually lost.

Countless people have refused to become Christians because they would have to admit this very thing.

Or they pretend that the world consists of the saved, the lost and the good people [we decide] that God will allow into heaven.

Even many Christians practice this deception and see this fictional group in Scripture. They fall back on God’s goodness and do what they must to maintain peace in their hearts. God is good (Psalm 107:1), but he can’t betray his nature (Numbers 23:19).

How we live determines our home in the afterlife (Ezekiel 18).

God divides the world between the lost and the saved. Jesus described the broad and narrow ways (Matthew 7:13-14) and all mankind will be divided in the end (Matthew 25:31-34; Revelation 20:11-15).

No one can rationalize it away because God’s truth doesn’t depend on us for validation (Acts 17:25). No one is saved because they are good (Mark 10:18). We’re saved because the blood of Christ is on our souls (1 John 1:7; Romans 5:6-9).

By some arbitrary standards there were good people who undoubtedly perished in the flood. Those who declare the righteousness of the good people have varying criterion for their identification. Yet, they never give a biblical definition, just that of their own hearts.

In the end the books will be opened and, based on God’s own standards, souls will be distributed between punishment and glory. Our own wishes or definitions will be utterly pointless. Christ won’t be arguing or debating with anyone. Results will be instantaneous.

What would God be if he allowed our whims or wishes to make his decisions for him? He would be a worthless puppet and incapable of saving anyone. Faith in that god would be akin to placing it in a cabbage.

God is almighty and will do what is best at all times (Hebrews 6:18) and we can’t change his plans or purposes. Let’s just have faith in him (Hebrews 11:6) and his greatness (Psalm 139:7-12).

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