Many or few to be saved? Worry about your salvation!

Many folk love to discuss theology. Jesus, not so much. How many will be saved? Will they be few? That was apparently a popular discussion back in the day. So someone from the crowd asked Jesus to comment on it.

His reply? Let’s bring it home. First off, make sure you are saved. Makes no difference if there be many or few, if you’re not among them, now does it? That seems to be his approach in Luke 13.22-30. As it was a bit earlier in Luke 13.1-5. Unless you repent.

We don’t support his teaching, but  Mr. Wiersbe had the right approach when his radio listeners would write him about some theological issue. He’d usually ask them about their personal spiritual life and their efforts to win others to their idea of Christianity. That often ended the correspondence, he said. Indeed.

¶ Some weeks ago, I asked people to write about “What Jesus mean to me.” Yes, it’s a subjective statement, I know. But for those who know the Lord, who have the truth of the gospel under their belts, isn’t it a fair question? We listen to the saints of both Testaments talk about my God, and our God, in all sorts of glowing and glorious terms, what the Lord has done for them. So to ask what Jesus means to someone who knows the Lord is a fair question.

I said my piece on it, in the comments area, but didn’t get as much as a ruffle from others. Perhaps I didn’t get the post out there enough in front of people’s eyes. There are wonderful brothers and sisters scattered about who can speak long and well on the subject. (Comments are still open on it, by the way.)

¶ Why is it so hard to see that wisdom “is more precious than rubies, and none of the things you desire can compare with her”? Proverbs 3.15 NET. That’s a rhetorical question, I guess. Satan blinds human eyes, and has since Eden. This is better, he tells us. Look how it sparkles. See how it shines. Imagine how it will taste. Won’t it feel grand? Are you going to miss out on this?

And we listen. Today’s rubies are often virtual, always time-consuming, frequently addicting, inevitably soul-numbing.

¶ Do you find holidays hard on your good habits? I was pleased, with the help of my new system, to be able, during December, to post every day on Believing Prayer, my personal site, the Brazilian devotional site, and the Give Glory segment.

Almost as good was my daily poetry writing, results of which are scattered around the Internet. Some of them are found on The Fellowship Room, besides the previous links.

I was pleased and grateful to maintain the consistency during the holidays. I’ve not always done so well.

¶ To get minds focused for great things in 2016, last night here in Urbanova I spoke on making the all-out effort for salvation. The basic idea and outline are here in this meditation, in the “Think” section. Do you think saints, in general, are too laid back about their salvation?

¶ John Henson, Forthright Magazine columnist and gospel preacher near McMinnville TN, suffered a heart attack Jan. 1. During placement of two stints he stopped breathing and his heart stopped. He is in ICU in a Nashville hospital. Please pray for his recovery.

¶ This morning, I wrote to someone close to me that I always come back to the goodness of God and his care for his children. The Lord has proven it time and again in my life. A verse I underlined in my Bible is Psalm 119.68: “You are good and you do good. Teach me your statutes!” (NET; my emphases). Perceiving his goodness leads one to want to know his will.

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