How God can help us receive gifts

A child awakens on Christmas morning and attacks a mountain of gifts. When they finish, they’re hip deep in paper and boxes. They examine their gifts and spend the rest of the day focused on what they didn’t get.

When we’re spoiled, we will never be satisfied.

A woman stands outside her burning house begging the firefighters to rescue her son. A brave fireman rushes into the blaze, staggers out, hands the woman her son and collapses in the grass. The woman kisses her boy and turns to the firefighter and says, “Where’s his hat?”

The flesh is never satisfied and with it we’ll develop a faulty perspective on the world. We expect to be dazzled because we feel we deserve it and we’ll be insulted by a substandard gift.

God calls us to simplicity and gratitude as we feed on Scripture and develop a spiritual perspective on the world.

In Matthew 6:25-34, God says he will feed, clothe and take care of his children. Yet, God’s food may be a sandwich when we want filet mignon. The car we receive may not be a Mercedes and the clothes won’t have designer labels. God blesses with function not fashion.

If we’ll humble ourselves, God will make us better (James 4:10). We’ll see blessings where we’ve never seen them before. We will learn that the smile, hug and a small gift can mean more than an extravagance given solely out of duty.

He will help us receive gifts with a smile and a warm heart. The flesh will respond with resentment while the spirit offers gratitude and love. When we make the switch, we will find joy in unexpected places.

We must rid ourselves of entitlement and learn to be thankful for everything we have (Philippians 4:11). Our value is in our soul and the higher spiritual aspect of our nature. Respect the things of value instead of the baubles of the dirt.

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