I am writing this Friday night (October 9) from Narayanghat in Chitwan District in southern Nepal.  Brenda and I arrived in Chitwan Wednesday about 1:00 p.m. and went immediately to Kalikatar for the night.

This is the congregation on the other side of the river to which we have to walk about an hour, down the side of a mountain (well, we Alabamians would call it a mountain – it is maybe 1500 to 2,000 feet in elevation), cross the river by suspension foot bridge, then walk another 15 or 20 minutes up a lower hill to the village.

We were after 3:30 p.m. arriving and a good audience was already gathered for fellowship and Bible study.  I taught about an hour, still sweating from the trek in. After our study was complete we made the first distribution of earthquake relief funds. Several families from the Barsheni congregation had also come so we were able to give to all those in both churches who had suffered damage.

We remained in Kalikatar overnight, with Brenda and me sleeping in the church building.  We were reasonably comfortable and got fairly well rested, in spite of sleeping on a bed not much wider than a twin bed, and with only a sheet and may ¾” of foam separating us from the board bottom of the bed.

Thursday we walked out after breakfast and meeting with a few who were not able to attend yesterday. We spent the afternoon resting and preparing for additional visits and lessons.

Today we traveled to Bhalumara where we repeated much the same program – teaching and fellowship followed by distribution of relief funds.  Brother Lal Bahadur is the preacher at Bhalumara and he and his wife had prepared lunch for us following our meeting.  Before lunch we were blessed to go to a nearby creek and see four adults (two married couples) baptized into Christ.  We rejoice at these additions to the Kingdom.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we will get up fairly early and leave (about 8:00 a.m.) for Kathitok and Tahkre in Tanahun district. This is about a three or three and a half hour drive from Narayanghat.  We will have classes that afternoon at Kathitok and worship with them Sunday morning, then come back down the hills towards the main highway to Tahkre for Sunday evening worship.  Monday October 12 we will return to Kathmandu where we will spend the remainder of our time in Nepal for this trip.

Please continue to remember us and the work in your prayers.  We look forward to seeing as many as possible, if the Lord wills on Wednesday night, October 21.  We are beginning to be ready to be back home for a little while.  We miss everyone there. M.E.B

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