Humility says

Arrogance claims, “I know that already.”
Humility says, “You’ve made an interesting point.”

Arrogance bristles, “It’s none of your business.”
Humility says, “I thank you for bringing that to my attention.”

Arrogance demands, “Why haven’t you finished that task?”
Humility says, “How can I help you finish that?”

Arrogance challenges, “Who are you to say such a thing?”
Humility says, “I hope to learn something signficant from you.”

Arrogance informs, “I don’t have time for that.”
Humility says, “Would you share your precious time with me?”

Arrogance sniffs, “That’s beneath me.”
Humility says, “I’d be honored to do that.”

Arrogance harangues, “That was a stupid thing to do.”
Humility says, “I didn’t understand your reason for acting.”

Arrogance boasts, “I did it first.”
Humility says, “Many of us finished.”

Arrogance waves, “See what I did!”
Humility says, “It was a team effort.”

Arrogance vents, “God is for wimps.”
Humility says, “He is my everything.”

Every day, I need to listen more and more to Humility.

“God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble” James 4.6.

One Reply to “Humility says”

  1. Randal, the contrasts presented in your good article are loud and clear! People in today’s arrogant society not only need an attitude adjustment with regard to humility, but in the Christian community as well. May we allow God’s word to work in us in this regard.

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