God’s word give light

The doorway of your word gives light. They give insight to the untrained. (Psalm 119:130 NET)

If you have been following through our Bible reading schedule for the past year, you will now have completed reading the New Testament. We hope the thoughts we have written to accompany one day’s reading each week have been helpful – we appreciate the comments that we have received.

As we mentioned a year ago when we began this endeavour, if we want to grow as a Christian and become mature, then we must be increasing in our knowledge of Jesus and his word. As the Psalmist pointed out, God’s word is like doorway to enlighten our lives. If we want insight into God, we need to be familiar with God’s word.

Of course, the word that the Psalmist was referring to was the Old Testament. As much as we sometimes emphasise that we are “New Testament Christians” we must not forget that the Old Testament is just as much God’s word as the New. The Old Testament was the only ‘Bible’ that the first Christians had. The apostle Paul wrote this: “For everything that was written in former times was written for our instruction, so that through endurance and through encouragement of the scriptures we may have hope” (Romans 15:4). Paul was referring to the Old Testament writings. Notice that he says that they were written for our instruction. They are scriptures which have been given to encourage us.

Although we realise the importance of the New Testament as being the instructions God has given us as Christians to use to guide our lives, we must not forget that there is much we can learn from the Old Testament as well. There are so many things we cannot understand in the New Testament that were first introduced in the Old Testament. If we learn about them from the Old, we will better understand them in the New.

As we resume our Bible readings this week, we are planning to spend some time in the Old Testament. For the rest of the year we will look at God’s word, beginning in the book of Genesis, the book of beginnings. We will follow the same format, reading around thirty verses each day, with weekends unassigned to give us time to catch up if we fall behind. Each week I’ll write something about one of the chapters we have been looking at during that week.

If we want our lives to be filled with light, let us open the door of God’s word. If we want insight into who God is and what God wants, all we need to do is begin reading.

We hope you will read with us as we continue to learn from God’s word.

Readings for next week:
29 June – catch up on our Bible readings
30 June – catch up on our Bible readings
1 July – Genesis 1
2 July – Genesis 2
3 July – Genesis 3

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