Are we stronger than he?

“Pray that you may not enter into temptation” (Luke 22:40, ESV)

When Jesus faced the trial of his life, he requested Peter, James and John to enter that trial with him in prayer (Matthew 26:37-38). Unfortunately, they slept while he suffered alone (Matthew 26:40), some of the most unfortunate moments in the life of Christ.

If Jesus felt the need for heaven’s strength, how much greater was their need? And who are we?

  • Do we need less of heaven’s strength than our Lord?
  • Are we stronger than he?
  • Is Satan less interested in us than in Peter?
  • Are we better than he?
  • Are we less susceptible than Peter to prideful self-assurance?
  • And what about our brethren? Do we need their prayers and encouragement less than the Lord did those of his friends?

I think not.

When it comes to temptation (as above, Luke 22:40), prayer is the mortar that holds our spiritual walls together. We must identify our vulnerable places and fill them diligently with prayer. The weakness of our flesh (1 Peter 2:11) necessitates an abiding prayer life (cf. Luke 18:1), and one that seeks help from others (Galatians 6:2).

If we are to both overcome our weaknesses, and develop a fruitful spirit, we must seek greater dependence upon God and our brethren. Without God, spiritual strength is impossible (John 15:4). We must ask, repeatedly (Matthew 7:7; James 4:2). We cannot live joyful, fulfilling, fruitful Christian lives unless we are willing to repent of our independence, and beg God and our brethren for help (2 Corinthians 12:9; James 5:16).

If Jesus felt the need to ask for help, both human and divine, it would be foolish and arrogant of us to think we do not need the same.

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Rick began preaching in Wallace, WV (1999-2002), worked with the church in Proctor, WV (2002-2004), and is a graduate of the West Virginia School of Preaching (2004). He served the church in Prestonsburg, KY from 2004-2014, and is currently laboring with the Massillon, OH congregation (2014-present). He also serves on the resource staff for the Warren Christian Apologetics Center (WCAC), a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to "setting forth evidence for the existence of God, the divine origin of the Bible, and the deity of Jesus Christ." Outside of his biblical studies, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Samantha, their six children (Christian, Hannah, Noah, Emma, Evan & Leah), a sweet Golden Retriever (Max), an energetic Australian Shepherd (Mallie), and a very chill Goldendoodle (Moses). He also specializes in boring people with his guitar (he's also been known to do this with his sermons), prefers Earl Grey (now that he can no longer drink coffee), and studying personal finance.

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