“Free Wife”

The sign from the north said, “Free Wifi,” but drivers from the south were promised a “Free Wife.” While missing a spelling mistake for one day is understandable, doing so for weeks is something else indeed.

Have the owner, manager and employees not noticed the error? A Chinese restaurant advertised “Free Deliery” for years. How is it possible that no one noticed that the sign needed changing for that ridiculous period of time?

Messed up signs have unintended consequences. Most will think either that the proprietors are uncaring or ignorant. When we run a business, we must pay very close attention to detail.

Shelving in a store can’t be allowed to sit empty for long periods of time or money will be lost. New merchandise must be placed there as soon as possible to make the store attractive and enticing to shoppers.

Business owners must weigh the cleanliness, layout, color schemes, music and atmosphere to maximize sales. Every detail must be carefully orchestrated to ensure success. When we appear uncaring or slovenly, we send a clear message to the public.

This example brings to mind some lessons we can learn in the Church. While we aren’t a business, we have an undeniable responsibility to bring people to the gospel (Matthew 28:18-20). We will either draw or repel them by what we offer.

We speak to the public intentionally and unintentionally. Let us be very careful to be genuinely spiritual so the Lord is glorified (Matthew 16:18-19; Ephesians 4:1).

First, appearance matters. Everything we present to the public should be as inviting as possible. Our buildings and grounds must be clean and presentable. The publications and literature must be spotless and professional and our smiles and attitudes warm and friendly.

Likewise, we must pay attention to all the details of our worship and speaking. Not as men-pleasers but to allow people to focus on the biblical message rather than being distracted by extraneous matters. The lost need to see the Lord and our carelessness can obscure him without us realizing it.

Second, false advertising is destructive. We can drive people away by claiming to be genuine and caring while displaying hypocrisy and callousness.

Many religious bodies call themselves churches and promise truth and salvation when their doctrines can’t be found in Scripture. Congregants are convinced they’ll be in heaven when the plan of salvation presented to them is of sin rather than righteousness (Galatians 1:6-9).

Doing the Lord’s work means that we have a vast responsibility to reach lost souls and while we have spiritual visions and goals, the people we seek are still in the flesh and we must remember what matters to humanity.

Brethren, when we’re fine-tuning our work without compromising doctrine or truth, we are setting the stage for great success.

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