In the game

As a slender and short youth, I endured the ritual of two team captains choosing up teams. Worse than being chosen last was not being chosen at all. I wanted to play. I wanted to be in the game.

Although exclusion is painful, John described a moment when it becomes tragic. This tragedy is further compounded by being completely avoidable!

In John’s words, “The one who is believing in him (God’s Son) is not condemned; but the one who is not believing in him is already condemned” (John 3:18).  No middle ground exists.

Feel favorable toward Jesus, but haven’t yet made the step? Possess a strong intention to rely upon Jesus’ death someday in the future? See yourself as detached from the reality and consequences that Jesus proclaims are real?

John awakens us to the reality that we remain lost, in spite of the good will and good inclinations we might have, until we come to Jesus. Either we have entered the salvation Jesus provided or we remain standing outside condemned.

Playing Russian roulette with our lives is completely unnecessary. Jesus emphasized a responsible approach. He taught we should live our lives prepared to face the final judgment.

Every kid knows that being excluded is no fun.  The good news is that when it comes to what is most important, all of us are capable of being included.

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