Y.A.F. You. Are. Free.

You were a miserable slave. All the while you thought you were free. But you were in the darkest, deepest dungeon of all.

You were blind to your condition. The light of God showed you your true state. God’s Spirit has brought you freedom.

You are free by the blood of Christ. You are free by the power of prayer. You are free in the gratitude of the heart. You are free by the word of God. You are free with the Spirit’s transformation.

You are free from Satan’s control. You are free from the practice of sin. You are free from falling into temptation. You are free from paying for your sins in eternal damnation. You are free from self-limiting vision, to accept the divine vision for your life. You are free from human expectations.

You are free to make good and right choices. You are free to serve your God and your neighbor. You are free to love a true love, rather than mouth a perverted one. You are free to be made over in the image of Christ. You are free to learn from him, love like him, lean on him. You are free to live in freedom. You are free to speak of salvation. You are free to seek for souls. You are free to obey the blessed commands of Christ.

You are wholly free. Truly free. Fundamentally free. Eternally free.

Therefore, be free.

“Live as free people, not using your freedom as a pretext for evil, but as God’s slaves” 1 Peter 2.16 NET.

Photo: Leila Matheny

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