Moves, changes and choices

You may have noticed something different in the Forthright/GoSpeak sites recently. We’ve moved many of our sites to a new host server. Others will be moved there also after the first ones are tweaked. With the move come some minor issues, such as some missing articles, but we’re getting them resolved. Our thanks to webmaster Matt Clifton for his work on transferring the sites.

Yours Truly is traveling in the US and, for the last four days, off the grid. Today is yet another travel day for The Missus and me, as we head back to our base in middle Tennessee and look forward to our return home to Brazil next week.

This trip has been more unusual than most, even weird, in some aspects. For example, our rental car, even after an upgrade, was far too small than what we had ordered, and it failed on us, requiring a swap of vehicles. But no courtesy upgrade! We got the same model to labor up those long interstate inclines. Remember the children’s book, The Little Engine that Could?. This car has a little motor that barely can.

Then there was a serious auto accident by an extended family member, dental issues for both The Missus and me, some difficulties in getting appointments set up — you get the idea. Still, each day brings its own strength and its own blessing from the Lord.

Both The Missus and I are holding off on the needed dental work until we get home. With a bit of string and glue, we ought to make it. (I’m kidding by half.) We can’t afford American medical costs. Brazil has good dentistry. And our dentist is our next-door neighbor.

Yesterday, I preached the first real sermon on this umpteenth trip, in lieu of a missions report. Apparently, the Iuka, Miss., church, a 30-year supporter of our work, felt good enough to dispense with the report and hear the word of God preached, which I prefer to do.

My main text was Proverbs 9. Two invitations and two choices, between Wisdom and Folly, surrounding a central truth that determines the right choice, the fear of God, v. 10. I mentioned that these truths are so central to Scripture, probably a hundred Bible passages could be used as a basis to demonstrate the three points:

  1. Man is a creature of choice, and must choose.
  2. Choices have consequences. Decisions determine destination.
  3. The consequences of our choices (be they actions or inaction) affect ourselves and others.

We must make the right choices now, in order to reach the desired destination of eternal life. Not to choose is a choice that also brings dire consequences.

If you have not yet chosen to obey the Lord, Psalm 119.173, if you have yet to “choose to please the Lord” Isaiah 56.4, we urge you to take these truths seriously and follow the Lord Jesus Christ today.

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