by Paula Harrington

I have so many things to do this week that it’s a bit daunting.

Working full-time means getting as much accomplished on time off as I can and then throw in some major holidays on that vacation and schedules get tight. And while I plan, my preteen has come down with what appears to be the flu even though the test returned negative. So as I write this, everything is pending.

I wish I could tell you that I have mastered the stress that comes from an upset schedule, but sometimes anxiety pops in and threatens a meltdown. I like stability and let’s face it, life just flat out isn’t. Recently, I heard the quote, “Life is about problem solving” and isn’t that the truth? How we approach and work through those problems will either make or break us.

So, here I sit, pending. No, scratch that: here I live, pending. My schedule is undecided. I have no idea what tomorrow will hold. I don’t know what kind of valleys I’ve yet to walk through, but I know they are there. Waiting. Wanting to destroy me. Hoping to take away the only certainty worth having. They will whisper that Jesus isn’t enough. They’ll slur that I’ll never make it and they’ll use my own voice to do it.

Regardless of what comes this way, I know that my God is clearing a path through those valleys. He’s making it doable. Not easy. Not safe. Not tear free. But doable.

He has conquered hopelessness, and my life is pending on him. In a mixed up, crazy world where much doesn’t make sense and so much seems lost, Jesus is there. He’s the light that shines in the dark. The smile through the tears and the joy in distress.

Let’s wait together. Let’s form bonds and make friendships that will encourage us to take another step forward. Surround yourself with God’s people and make the best of the waiting place.

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