Thankful eyes

by Barry Newton

This week my community’s sign states, “What we see depends on what we look for.” This seems an especially appropriate message during Thanksgiving.

I remember a TV documentary chronicling the plight of the poor in Latin America. While the name of the show faded from memory long ago, the story of the happy woman has not.

Living in complete squalor, she smiled and her eyes danced with delight as she explained that she had a few leaves of lettuce to feed her children. The camera crew stated that they had sought her out because of her reputation to be happy. When asked how she could be so positive when her circumstances were so terrible, she spoke of the choice she had made to see the good in life.

This week many of us will be joining with family or perhaps friends. What will we choose to see? For what blessings will we thank God? This is expected.

What I think is more interesting is the question, what will we choose to see after Thanksgiving is just a memory and the leftover turkey and stuffing has been eaten? Where will our eyes be then?

I hope we will continue to live with a profound sense of gratitude to our Creator for this world he created, for the time he has given us, for the purpose he gives his people, and for a sundry list of blessings with the greatest being his love toward us in sending Jesus.

Once Thanksgiving is past, what do you want to look for?

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