Hottest investment tip ever

by Barry Newton

Any article entitled like this deserves to be skipped over, except when Jesus is the source.

Sitting on a hillside, Jesus started sharing some disconcerting insider information. After all, he was on the inside and knew.

He counseled those who would be willing to accept his hot tip to fortify their heavenly portfolio, not their earthly one. Why? Because earthly investments are unreliable, whereas heavenly wealth is 100% guaranteed.

At least the earthly part ought to be obvious if we think about it. As he pointed out, thieves, moths, rust plus a whole litany of unforeseen contingencies can erode, destroy or in some other way devalue one’s stash here.

Yet, to guarantee a heavenly portfolio 100% might still sound a bit too good to be true. But then again, why reject information from someone who knows?

To nudge any doubting Thomas in the right direction, Jesus unleashed a penetrating analysis upon any would be venture capitalists, exposing the worthiness of his or her eye for investment.

An investor’s ability, Jesus claimed, can easily be discerned by ascertaining where one’s focus is aimed.

Having already unveiled the inherent risk of the two options, Jesus simply drew the logical conclusion. If someone were to deliberately aim all of their energy toward pursuing an unreliable dark horse, that individual’s whole approach to building wealth would be catastrophic.

If all of this were not unsettling enough, Jesus dropped one more bomb. You can not hedge your bets. We have to place our energy into pursuing either one or the other portfolio, but not both.

Why such an audacious claim? Because signing up to invest in either program, places demands upon a person. Like two masters involved in a tug of war over how the resources are to be used, the investor must choose a winner and a loser.

Sitting on a hillside, Jesus gave the hottest investment tip ever. When Jesus speaks, do people listen? They should. He’s the only one who truly knows.

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Barry Newton

Married to his wonderful wife Sofia and a former missionary in Brazil, Barry enjoys trying to express old truths in fresh ways. They have two boys attending university.

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