Some wonderful moments

matheny-grandkidsby J. Randal Matheny, editor

Our trip in the US so far has been greatly blessed with some wonderful moments. Time with family and grandchildren is, of course, at the top of the list (see photo). Add to that our first time at Polishing the Pulpit. Then sharing with supporting churches what God is doing among us. Also, speaking at the eighth annual Preacher’s Files Lectures in Middleton, Tenn. Meeting new saints and congregations as we extend an invitation to participate in the GoSpeak work.

The joy of such moments more than makes up for the rigors of travel, even though we miss being away from home and the work in Brazil.

• After the weekend blessing of being with the Sherman Drive congregation in Denton, Texas, and the kindesses of the Weylan Deaver family, we are enjoying the hospitality today of Lee and Julia Parrish in Marlow, Okla. Lee is a recent graduate of the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies. Julia and her family, the George Jensens, were missionaries in Tanzania.

I am encouraged about the church by knowing young couples like Lee and Julia. Lee and I met several years ago through the Preacher’s Files forum, and we had personal contact through the SEIBS lectureship and Polishing the Pulpit earlier this year.

From the first, Lee impresses one with his earnestness and devotion to the Word. It has been a pleasure to be a co-teacher with him on the forum.

• People made two large orders recently of the book Choose! for some special events. For a ladies day and a congregation’s family day. We’re offering a deep discount for buying a box. Very affordable. Do you have a special event coming up?

Speaking of books, we’re getting our e-store for Forthright Press set up again. The first one got hacked. Don’t mind the mess while we get set up. The blog portion of the site will continue as always.

• The Forthright/GoSpeak ministry continues to grow. I once estimated that some 50 people are working together and contributing in some way to this effort, most of them through the Internet sites. There are likely more than that now. Two more contributors were just recently added to The Fellowship Room. If you don’t follow the posts over there, be sure to sign up.

• God’s people should also continue to grow. No one has yet arrived. While the truth may be known by new converts, mature saints still can be challenged by the depths of God’s Word. How refreshing to find such saints still unearthing lessons and principles from Scripture! Some teachers are stale, but not because of having exhausted the riches of the Bible.

I’ve heard tell of preachers who had a limited number of sermon outlines and when they finished those outlines moved on to another congregation. Surely this is a myth! If a man repeat a sermon outline, can it live again?

I remember the late and beloved Dr. Dowell Flatt saying in one of his college classes on Paul’s epistles that each semester he read a new commentary to stay fresh. That’s the spirit!

• Next week I’ll have a bit to say about a transition here at Forthright Magazine. Changes are a part of our physical lives, and they affect all we do, such as ezines like Forthright. Don’t be alarmed, we’ll continue on, with the blessing of God, and grow more and more.

• Next week, we’ll be posting from Illinois. The following week, from Arkansas. The week after that, from Tennessee. And, Lord willing, the week after that, from our home in Brazil. Each place will be another precious moment with friends and family, but none better than home, where the heart is.

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