Marjoram (1)

by Christine Berglund

The chartreuse pop of color that my marjoram displays is a nice contrast to the plainer green in the herb bed. As a matter of fact, that might be the only reason that it’s there. The plant is an ornamental variety, and not as flavorful as its standard, less flashy cousin.

That’s too bad. I like to make herb vinegar in the fall, and rarely does the marjoram earn a place in the herb mix.

So it is with so many things that look attractive on the surface. They just don’t measure up.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good. How happy is the man who takes refuge in Him!” (Psalm 34:8, HCSB)

Here is one realm where tasting is believing! God does not disappoint those who trust in him.

Unfortunately, too many will not “taste.” There are many who remain on the outside looking in, so to speak, with the church. They look at the menu of what they perceive to be Christianity, but don’t really delve into what the truth is and what the Bible teaches.

When they see something they think they won’t like, they act like petulant children, and won’t take a bite. Maybe they perceive a legalistic attitude, maybe it’s an illogical emotionalism, maybe something else. It’s important for us to reflect Christianity in a palatable way, but it’s also each person’s responsibility to check things out for himself.

One sweet lady I know is turned off by what she perceives as unnecessary violence in the times of the exodus from Egypt and the conquest of the promised land.

We have not had a chance to really discuss it yet, but so far she has been open to the idea of learning new ideas. It’s my personal opinion that she will see why there was so much violence in the Old Testament, once she digs in and gets a taste of the Bible as a whole.

Isn’t it just like baking a cake? The flour may not be good all by itself, nor the cocoa powder, nor the other ingredients; but put together, a chocolate cake is pretty yummy! The flavors blend and come together in a way that makes sense.

I do have to admit that the ornamental marjoram might be a good ingredient in some more mild dishes. It’s possible that I haven’t done enough tasting for myself. In the meantime, it holds a place in my garden for its visual appeal. I’m glad I tried it out!

Maybe you have been struggling with questions about the church, or about the Bible. What is necessary here is to “taste.” Get into the word of God, and find out how delicious Christianity is!

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