Road rage


by Paula Harrington

I’m always amazed at the stories of road rage that make the news and how furious some people become while driving. Honestly, I’ve been aggravated at times, but never have I been so absolutely livid that I’ve wanted to hurt another person because of their lack of driving abilities.

I don’t really get it, and I think the truth of the matter is that people are already angry before they get behind the wheel because let’s face it, life is hard. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey; you’re either going through a difficult time or just coming out of one.

Matthew 7 has a great story where Jesus explains that storms come upon all of us. Rain, wind, and floods wreck havoc in all our lives regardless of wealth or status.

The part I love about this narrative is that Jesus, as usual, not only tells us how life is, he tells us how to live it. He gives us the key to weathering those trials.

Build your home on the rock. Peace and joy aren’t based on your physical situation but on your spiritual location. Is your entire life focused in, on, and around the Christ?

Do you begin and end your day with Jesus? If so, you’re good. If not, no wonder you honk, cuss, and rage at the people around you. When you don’t know Jesus, you’re speeding down the wrong lane in the dark without any headlights.

Sometimes we need to do more than change lanes to get right with God; sometimes we need to change roads altogether.

If we want hope, then the road we’re racing down better be the one that leads to Heaven. If we want peace, then Jesus better do all the driving.

Move over and let Jesus take control. He won’t always keep you off the rough roads, but he’ll get you where you’re going.

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