Ain’t no sense


by Paula Harrington

We were beginning our weekly Bible class recently when I asked the kids if they had anyone in their lives that they would like to pray for. After they named many friends and family members, I reminded them of one of our missing classmates.

As I wrote his name on the board, I explained that we should remember him in prayer since we weren’t sure where he was or why he wasn’t there. His cousin who is his biggest fan as well as his biggest critic, rolled his eyes and mumbled, “Ain’t no sense prayin’ for him!”

I held back the laughter and used the opportunity as a teachable moment. But don’t you love how honest kids are?

How many times have you thought the same way?

  • Ain’t no sense talking to them about Jesus. They couldn’t become Christians anyway considering the situation they’re living in.
  • Ain’t no sense being kind to others. They sure aren’t going to be kind to us.
  • Ain’t no sense inviting people to worship. They wouldn’t come anyway.
  • Ain’t no sense forgiving that person. They’ll just let me down again.
  • Ain’t no sense being honest. Nobody else is.
  • Ain’t no sense going to church. They’re all just a bunch of hypocrites.
  • Ain’t no sense praying. It won’t really make a difference.

Sometimes we fail to see that the one we’re praying to can do all things. We focus on our strengths and assign the same limitations to our God, the same one who hung the stars in the sky.

Have we forgotten that when he gets involved, the situation always changes?

Pursue the one who can do all things. And remember, without Jesus, there ain’t no sense. Period.

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