The whole story


by Paula Harrington

I was talking with a sweet woman recently about her work day. She had gotten confused taking people’s orders, forgotten to give back change, and spent too much time lost in her thoughts.

Many of her customers had grown irritated with her but she had politely apologized for her behavior and gone about her day. She started to silently weep as she proceeded to tell me the whole story.

Her younger sister had lost her fight with cancer the night before. She would have given just about anything, she said, to be able to go to that big town a few hours away and sit with her brother in law that day, but bills were calling and she knew if she took any more time off work, she would lose her job.

I wept with her as she shared her story. Later as I thought back over our time together, I vowed to be more patient with those I come in contact with. Everyone is wounded. Everyone is broken and too many don’t know the hope that is found in Jesus.

Our schedule, stressors, plans, and achievements often wrap us in a cocoon of selfishness. We don’t plan it that way, but life has a way of keeping us focused inward.

However, Jesus instructs us to seek him first and then others (Matthew 6:33, Mark 12:30-31).

Today, as you venture into this big world, take the time to be kind to others. Have patience with them and remember that there’s a good chance their worlds are spinning out of control. Love them and offer a listening ear and caring heart.

The world needs love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. People need a friend who will walk beside them and tell them that there is a better way, a better place, and a better life.

Be that friend.

One thought on “The whole story

  1. A life with Jesus is a life with hope through any, and all trails of this life! Thanks for reminding me that I need to pass on His message, so others can know the great hope Christians share!

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