God has always wanted to include everyone

During the days when the Law of Moses ruled the Israelites, the Lord always wanted to include the entire human race. He excluded people because they were idolaters, but He wanted them to turn from their sin and go to Him.

Thus as the Lord showed Ezekiel the new temple, the land, and so on, the Lord also said this to the prophet,

“’Thus you shall divide this land among yourselves according to the tribes of Israel. It shall be that you will divide it by lot as an inheritance for yourselves, and for the strangers who dwell among you and who bear children among you. They shall be to you as native-born among the children of Israel; they shall have an inheritance with you among the tribes of Israel. And it shall be that in whatever tribe the stranger dwells, there you shall give him his inheritance,” says the Lord GOD” (Ezekiel 47:21-23).

Did you see that part about strangers? Strangers would be those not born of Israel, but who had decided to be part of Israel, because they had turned their backs on their former religion, if they had one, and then became part of Israel. The Lord wanted them included, and if He wanted them included, Israel was to find a place for them. Likewise, the Lord wants more than just Israel in the church, and we should accept people as well as He does!

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