Wail for the first great kingdom

Egypt was Earth’s first great kingdom, and when it went into sin, the Lord wanted wailing for it, because it would be put in with the other great nations that fell,

“Son of man, wail over the multitude of Egypt,
And cast them down to the depths of the earth,
Her and the daughters of the famous nations,
With those who go down to the Pit…”
(Ezekiel 32:17–18).

Egypt would be with Assyria (vv. 22, 23), Elam (vv. 24, 25), Meshech and Tubal (vv. 26-28), and Edom (vv. 29, 30) in the Pit.
They had caused terror, and so God caused terror for them (vv. 31, 32).
Look at Egypt today! She looks nothing like her former glory. So it is with all nations that fail to do God’s will.

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