God’s wrath

The land of Israel did not know what was coming, for when the battle came from Babylon, the Lord said,

“They have blown the trumpet and made everyone ready,
But no one goes to battle;
For My wrath is on all their multitude.
The sword is outside,
And the pestilence and famine within.
Whoever is in the field
Will die by the sword;
And whoever is in the city,
Famine and pestilence will devour him.”
(Ezekiel 7:14–15)

The Jews would see such a massive powerful army outside the walls of Jerusalem that, although the trumpet would sound, no one would go to fight the enemy, and simultaneously the Jews would suffer pestilence and famine inside the city.

The Lord warned repeatedly of impending wrath, but when it came, it did horrible things, and the Jews could not stop it.
Likewise, He has warned repeatedly that wrath at the end of time is on its way. What shall we do in the meantime?

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Don Ruhl

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