A list of gospel lists

Some people like lists, and some like alliteration. In today’s article I offer a little of both. Some are based on a Bible verse, others are topical. As far as I know, they’re all original with me. Some have been used at one time or another in sermons or classes, others wait to take shape. If you use them some way, we’d be interested in hearing about it.

From Psalm 25.4, “Make me understand your ways, O Lord! Teach me your paths!”, these truths: The paths of the Lord are (1) desirable; (2) knowable; (3) attainable.

We’re supposed to shine our light, Jesus says in Matthew 5, but it can be hidden. Here are three ways: (1) by silence—failing to speak up; (2) by omission—failing to do good works; (3) by inertia—failing to get started.

Christians should be dedicated to (1) the presence of God; (2) the people of God; (3) the purpose of God; (4) the pattern of God.

See if you can find in Colossians 3.1-14 these times: (1) metamorphosis in the past; (2) movement in the present; (3) manifestation in the future.

Important words for the non-Christian to consider: (1) forgiveness; (2) fullness; (3) fellowship; (4) fulfillment. Christ offers all this and more.

The God we have cannot be reduced down to a small list, but in all reverence let’s think of a few of his revealed qualities: (1) the God who speaks; (2) the God who shines; (3) the God who saves; (4) the God who sends; (5) the God who swears.

Christians are to be examples. Think of these elements about being an example to others, in the context of 1 Timothy 4.12: (1) Because of desertions (vv. 1-5); (2) constant dedication needed (vv. 8, 10, 13-15); (3) In spite of our deficiencies (v. 12).

Things Christians do together, besides the five acts of worship: (1) baptize a repentant soul for the forgiveness of sins; (2) share news of the progress of the gospel; (3) confess faults to one another; (4) take care of the needy among us.

Remember the two greatest commandments, from passages like Mark 12.28-34? These two which Jesus joined have (1) a hierarchy, one more important than the other; (2) a history, taken as they were from the Old Testament; (3) a harvest, placing one within distance of the kingdom of God.

No list or group of lists can exhaust the riches of God’s truth or the depths of his grace. A list is good to get a handle, at the same time it encourages us to explore further the vast content of heaven’s shining stars of the gospel.

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  1. Randal, starting this coming Lord’s Day (October 28, 2012), I will put these in our church bulletin. Thanks.

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