The big deal

by Paula Harrington

I heard a story about a couple of school kids recently. One had gotten into some trouble and was going to have to walk a few laps at recess and wasn’t taking the news very well.

Another student who wasn’t even a close friend stepped in to offer encouragement. She informed her peer that she wouldn’t have to walk alone. She’d stay by her side, cheering her on the entire time.

When the teacher remarked what a wonderful thing she had just done, the student shrugged and replied, “It’s no big deal. It’s what we’re supposed to do.”

Can you image a world if everyone had the same attitude?

Wait, scratch that–can you imagine a church if everyone had that attitude? It’s those Kingdom-minded thinkers who change the world. Those who forgive, love, go the extra mile, and live righteously, not out of a sense of obligation, not because they’re trying to earn their salvation, not to be seen by others, but because that’s what they’re supposed to do.

We see this attitude throughout the entire Bible.

  • Noah built.
  • Abraham moved.
  • Moses led.
  • Josiah restored.
  • Rahab protected.
  • David conquered.
  • Nehemiah repaired.
  • Ruth stayed.
  • Jeremiah preached.
  • The poor widow gave.
  • The Apostles went.
  • The early church persevered.

Ordinary people did extraordinary things and even though they may have thought their actions were insignificant at the time, the Lord through his word, has allowed us the opportunity to see the role these good people played in the greatest story ever told.

No one else in that West Kentucky classroom offered to walk with that little girl except one sweet, precious soul. She did something that no one else would do. She gave up a part of her free time to walk with someone else who had lost hers.

When people act like Jesus, encourage others in their dark moments, stand up for the least of these, refuse to let their brothers and sisters walk alone, and act like they’re supposed to, in the midst of a world that doesn’t, that my friends, is always a big deal.

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