Are we bored with the Bible?

by Christine Berglund

In country churches, the only reason we lock our car doors at church is to prevent zucchini from appearing in them during the summer.

Have you ever felt like God’s gifts are like that delectable squash?

While it’s still growing, you can’t wait for the first one. Then, after steamed zucchini, zuchinni bread, zucchini salsa, zucchini pancakes, zucchini relish, zucchini chocolate cake, zucchini pickles, and zucchini omelets, you start to wonder what else can be made with the prolific vegetable.

If you miss a day or two of picking, you are rewarded with the baseball-bat-sized variety. Then of course you pretend it is eggplant; you bread it and fry the gigantic slices, and make it into Zucchini Parmesan or Stuffed Zucchini.

It gets quite challenging to keep the inventive culinary creations coming before your family realizes they have been subjected to several weeks of zucchinated meals.

When I received my first Bible in my pre-teen years, I was excited to read it from cover to cover. It really didn’t take long, less than a year. I was so curious to see what God had to say, I just couldn’t put it down.

Now that I’m more familiar with it, I find I have to dig much deeper and do some real study to find even more of the truths in it. I would like to say it’s always new and fresh.

The truth is that although sometimes my heart gives a leap of joy at reading a familiar passage, too many times it is so familiar to me that my mind does not absorb the goodness in it. Kind of like the zucchini.

We don’t ever want to turn down another helping of God’s Word, do we?

While zucchini is a nutritious, natural food, there can be such a thing as overabundance of it! Not so with God’s Word. When we have had a steady diet of it, we must do more than just a light reading of it.

When we feel that we have had our fill of Bible, and know it so well we are quoting it in our minds as we read along, it is time to really get into the meat of it.

I found a nice Bible app that gives me notes from Strong’s, and some explanation of the Greek and Hebrew words, including all the shades of meaning. We can also look in other places where a particular word is used, or do some exegetical study of a particular book, making an effort to get a deeper understanding of it.

Find the themes in a chapter or a book of the Bible, and see how it is developed. This makes our study fresh and new, with a different flavor that we hadn’t tasted before.

One danger in making an attempt at a more advanced knowledge must be pointed out here. We may find ourselves re-interpreting scripture because we are simply bored with it. Some of my friends who used to be faithful to the scriptures have now questioned the very foundations of the faith.

It is my guess, from experience, that instead of using real Bible study tools or methods they started reading some popular authors who don’t believe in the inspiration of scripture, whether those writers admit it or not.

If we get lazy in our study, Satan is ready to come in and get as creative as a zucchini fudge sundae, with maggot sprinkles on top. We won’t know how bad it is until we have swallowed too much of his lies.

Now, eat your vegetables. Nourish your soul. Bon appétit!

6 thoughts on “Are we bored with the Bible?

  1. Thank you Christine; I enjoyed the truths as presented in your article. You used a great parallel– a casual rote reading of Scripture, with those zucchini ‘blessings’! Living on a farm, we see our squash not bearing at all, from a Summer’s poor weather, OR having more than enough to can, then to share with all in our community (and most of them already have more than they can use too!) Thanks, again! I see that you have lots more for me to read at Forthright Magazine; I will return to ‘check them out’!

  2. Thank you both for your encouragement! Yes, with zucchini, we often get “all or nothing” it seems. We get an abundance, and then a squash borer comes in overnight and kills the plant, like the story in Jonah. There must be another parallel to that, but I sure don’t ever want to find out what it’s like with a sudden shortage of Bible. :0

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