Letting go

by Paula Harrington

While watching a group of kids perform in a school band recently, a crowd of parents, siblings, and friends nearby released balloons to go with the end of the performance.

The multicolored balloons lifted up and away into the night sky creating a beautiful visual effect that went along wonderfully with the show. However, there were a few little ones who didn’t want to let go of their balloons. After some passionate pleas from their parents and maybe even a little bit of finger-prying, the last remaining balloons were released.

I won’t lie; there was some crying, a couple arms crossed and a few bottom lips quivering. They may have even been a stomp or two. Unfortunately, every parent knows the heartache of a runaway balloon.

As I watched those poor kids I thought about how we too, often hold on to the things of this world when we should have released them long ago. Sometimes we keep our hands so full of worldly issues or fears that we don’t have one free for Jesus. Unintentionally, we cling to earthly, frivolous matters and miss out on the Spiritual ones.

What are you holding on to? Is it regrets, the love of money, or is it something else:

  • Friends who are bad influences?
  • A job that takes you away from your Savior?
  • An addiction you refuse to shake?
  • A person who doesn’t treat you right?
  • Maybe it’s guilt and shame from a past life?

Letting go can be difficult and painful but holding on can be fatal. Seek Jesus and move on. Life is too short to hold on to anything that weighs you down.

Try letting go of your balloons and see what happens. And remember if a toddler can do it, you can, too.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness” (Matthew 6:33).

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