Waiting and continuing

 Does the following passage seem to be an odd choice for a devotional?

“Moreover Job continued his discourse, and said…” (Job 27:1).

Here is what we can learn. While Job and his friends engaged in a hot debate, you will notice a few times that one of them started to interrupt, but that the one speaking asked to be heard further, and the request was granted! (See Job 13:13 and Job 17:10 where it appears that his friends started to walk away.) 

Then in Job 26, Job gave his rebuttal, and then waited for a comeback. When that did not happen, Job 27:1, quoted above, shows that he continued speaking.
Maintaining decency and orderliness during an argument is difficult, but it can be done. The next time you engage in a debate/argument, keep Job and his friends in mind, and see what happens. 

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