What do you do with words? 

Mordecai reported to his cousin the plot to kill all the Jews, but she explained to the messenger why she could not go to the king to stop the evil conspiracy. 
Then the Bible says,

“So they told Mordecai Esther’s words” (Esther 4:12).

What did Mordecai expect to hear? He expected his cousin to obey his word, but instead he heard that she thought she could not. He was surely disappointed, but that did not stop him, for he then explained to her that the Jews were going to be delivered, whether through her or someone else, and that she might even have become queen for this very purpose. 

Words have power. Some words have more power than other words. Do you know how to use words to get things done? If not, pray about it without ceasing, and the God of heaven shall make you more effective with your words, just like He did with Mordecai. 

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Don Ruhl

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