Where was Jesus from? 

Pilate sought to release Jesus, even telling the Jews that they could crucify Him, 

“The Jews answered him, ‘We have a law, and according to our law He ought to die, because He made Himself the Son of God.’ Therefore, when Pilate heard that saying, he was the more afraid, and went again into the Praetorium, and said to Jesus, ‘Where are You from?’ But Jesus gave him no answer” (John 19:7-9).

Pilate knew he had a real problem on his hands, but he did not know what to do, although the One with all the answers stood right before him! The Romans believed in gods, so the idea that a son of a god could be on the earth was not a far-fetched idea to a man like Pilate, and thus he wanted to know from where Jesus had come. 
However, Jesus said nothing, for if He had explained His true home, Pilate would not have believed it. 

Where you do you believe Jesus is from? If you believe He is from heaven, do you also believe He has all the answers? If you believe that He does, do you seek Him for those answers? 

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